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ITTES 2021 - Bildiri Gönderim Kuralları

For abstract submission, first select the type (oral, research paper, round table, poster). Meeting rooms for oral presentation and research paper presentation will be set up in theater style; round tables will be set up for all of the paper owners for roundtable sessions and extra chairs for the audience; poster boards will be installed for posters.

In oral presentations, the authors present the short form of their work, then the critics and comments were decelerated by audiences and session presidents. There will be four or five presentations in each season with 15 minutes of oral presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

In poster sessions, the visual presentation hangs at convenient locations during the 90-minute session. Poster owners respond to questions during this period.
Oral Presentation and Research Paper Presentation Writing Rules
  •     The language of the conference is Turkish or English.
  •     The abstract to be presented at the conference should be between 300-500 words.
  •     The purpose, methods, findings and conclusions (for completed studies) related of the study should be included in abstract.
  •     At least 3 and at most 5 keywords should be given for the study.
  •     The abstracts of the presentations will be submitted via the Abstract Submission link.
  •     The corrections of the accepted presentations will be made by the authors (s) and no correction will be made by the Conference Boards in the corrected versions and uploaded to the system. The writers are responsible for their mistakes in writing and meaning.

Poster Writing Rules
  •     Each poster will be numbered sequentially by session. Participants will hung posters by finding the boards reserved for them within the specified hours. Poster holders will be present their posters in person during the assigned time and duration and will provide information on their work.
  •     At the end of the poster session, posters will be removed by the participants. At the end of the session, posters that have not been removed will be removed by the attendants. The Conference Committee is not responsible for the posters that have not been removed.
  •      Poster sizes should be designed vertically and 70 x 90 cm in size. Posters should be included title, author names and addresses, introduction and purpose of the study, method, findings and discussion, results.
  •     The abstracts of the proceedings will be submitted via the Abstract Submission link.